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Recogida de pienso en Kiwoko, mayo 2024

Recogida de pienso en Kiwoko, mayo 2024

Como venimos haciendo cada primer sábado de mes, el 04 de mayo tuvimos recogida de pienso en Kiwoko (As Termas, Lugo). Y como cada primer sábado de mes, la gente nos ha apoyado y ayudado. Hemos con...

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Charla en la EOI  y mercadillo benéfico

Talk at the EOI and charity market

The library of the Official Language School organizes this Thursday, April 25, at 6:30 p.m., the informative talk 'Know the needs of the Protector', which will be given by Elena Guiñarte. Veterinar...

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Recogida de pienso en Kiwoko de Abril

Feed collection in Kiwoko de Abril

Another first Saturday of the month dedicated to the Protector. With a good dose of visibility for Albus, Pastor and Mango who need it so much. For those who do not understand or do not see where t...

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Jornada en la Facultad de Magisterio

Conference at the Faculty of Teaching

Yesterday, March 6, we went to the Faculty of Teaching together with other associations such as: Michos de Lugo, Cogami, Red Cross, Afalu, etc. To participate in an interdisciplinary project to tra...

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Recogida de pienso en Kiwoko de Marzo

Feed collection in Kiwoko in March

Like the first Saturday of each month, volunteers and animals from the Protectora went to Kiwoko in As Termas to get to know each other and order some food. We also took two animals that are in fos...

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Donaciones de pienso en Navidad

Feed donations at Christmas

Christmas is a special time: family, gifts...and food. Our animals could not be less, they could not be left without any gift or special food. TRUE? And this week they have not had a single gift in...

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Charla en el CEIP Luis Pimentel

Talk at the CEIP Luis Pimentel

Last Monday, December 18, we went to the CEIP Luis Pimentel in Lugo to give a talk to the littlest children all morning (from 09:00 to 14:00). They were awareness talks at 4 levels of education wit...

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Recogida de pienso en Kiwoko en diciembre

Feed collection in Kiwoko in December

Christmas and gifts are approaching, and our furry friends also have the right to the gift of life. That is why, like the first Saturday of every month, we went to collect feed at Kiwoko. Peop...

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La Protectora en XUVENLUGO

The Protector at XUVENLUGO

On the occasion of Xuvenlugo, from this Wednesday, December 6, 2023 until next January 7, 2023, the Protector will be at the Pazo de Ferias y Congresos de Lugo. The price to enter XUVENLUGO is...

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Visita a un centro de día

Visit to a day center

Yesterday, November 24, 2023, we went to visit a day center. There, we were able to explain to them what our beloved Animal and Plant Protection Agency of Lugo is and how it works. We also take so...

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¡Gracias AENDA!

Thank you AENDA!

Yesterday, November 13, 2023, as the boys and girls from AENDA, the Student Association of Nature and Animal Defense, have been doing periodically, they were at the Lugo Veterinary Faculty where...

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Recogida Kiwoko de noviembre

November Kiwoko Collection

This Saturday, November 4, we were from 10 in the morning to 10:00 at night in the As Termas shopping center in front of the Kiwoko pet store. There, we took a kitten and three puppies hoping to f...

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Recogida de octubre en Kiwoko

October collection in Kiwoko

Yesterday we had feed collection in Kiwoko. How on the first Saturday of each month, volunteers and animals from the Protectorate went to get to know each other, order a little food and most i...

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