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Article: Feed collection in Kiwoko in March

Recogida de pienso en Kiwoko de Marzo

Feed collection in Kiwoko in March

Like the first Saturday of each month, volunteers and animals from the Protectora went to Kiwoko in As Termas to get to know each other and order some food.

We also took two animals that are in foster care so they can go to a permanent home. It was Pastor and Dora's turn, and, although they had no luck, they do not lose hope that in the future someone will connect with them and offer them a little space in their life.

We got about 900kg of feed for the Protectora full of love. Thank you very much for helping us, as always, feed our furry friends.

We encourage you to foster/adopt and donate!

And we are waiting for you at Kiwoko as always, on the first Saturday in April.

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