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foster home

Give them a safe place

Unfortunately , the Society's facilities are not the most suitable for housing sick puppies or adult animals or those that simply require adequate socialization ; Hence the need to have a network of homes in which, at certain times, animals can be diverted to a family in temporary foster care, for their care until their recovery, total or partial.

What does it consist of

All people of legal age, with their own home or rent, can participate in the temporary foster care plan, provided that the Statutes of the property do not contemplate restrictions on the possession of pets and that all those who share the home agree with the reception of the animal(s) of the SP.

The foster animal(s) continue to be under the guardianship of the Protector, so the people who temporarily take them in must faithfully follow the possession instructions they receive from the Veterinary Service and return the fostered animal when so requested by the Society that bears all the food and veterinary expenses required by the fostered animal.

The foster home that collaborates with us will offer its home, care and dissemination of the animal, or the animals they have in foster care. The Animal Protection Society undertakes to guarantee food and cover the veterinary expenses of these animals to facilitate the work of the shelters.

The final objective is that this animal in temporary foster care can be adopted by another family that offers it a permanent home. That is, being a foster home is offering your home to an animal that needs it, while it finds a permanent adoption .

If you are interested in acting as a temporary foster family, please fill out the form below to provide you with more information.

For further information, contact the telephone number 600 548 849, from 12:00 to 15:00 hrs., Monday to Friday (EXCEPT HOLIDAYS) or by email at