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Article: October collection in Kiwoko

Recogida de octubre en Kiwoko

October collection in Kiwoko

Yesterday we had feed collection in Kiwoko.

How on the first Saturday of each month, volunteers and animals from the Protectorate went to get to know each other, order a little food and most importantly... present some of the animals that are in the Protectorate.

This Saturday it was Trufa and Dora's turn, two exceptional dogs who were unlucky and didn't find a they are still available if you're up for it! We also took 5 small kittens, 2 of them were adopted.

With the help of many people who passed by, we got 650kg of feed for the Protectora. For that we thank you, since every gram of feed adds up.

We encourage you to foster/adopt and donate!

And we are waiting for you at Kiwoko as always, on the first Saturday in November.

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